• Sales Team not achieving targets
  • Margins are Shrinking & costs are going up
  • Loss of Orders Due to Poor Client Follow Up
  • You have to fight to competition, discounting & credit
  • Payments Don’t Come on Time, Which leads to Poor Cash Flow
  • The Joy of doing Business is no longer there, Even after working 24×7
  • You do not have the Right Team
  • You are not Able to Find Good People
  • Team doesn’t Take Responsibility & Perform
  • You have to do most of the work yourself
  • Constantly Chasing Employees to get the Work
  • No time for Personal Life & Missing to Enjoy Golden Years of Life



Achieve your DREAM of a Professionally Managed Business-like Multinational

  • Clients nearly Stop Calling You
  • No more Cash Flow Problems
  • Reduce Working Capital by 30-50%
  • Priceless – Stress free life, Total Peace of MIND
  • Create leaders Who Start Thinking for the Company Growth
  • Inventory never Finishes & Inventory Reduces by 30% – 50%
  • From No Time to Abundance of Time for FAMILY, FRIENDS & YOURSELF
  • Vendor love you even if payments are 2-3 months late, They will not call for Payments
  • Get the right team (multiple points)
  • Team starts taking decision
  • Getting the right team-who take responsibility
  • You say 65% Increment and they say YES SIR, thank you
  • Finally move from Doing all the Work to Getting the Work Done
  • World class Dashboard to monitor performance of each employee
  • No more Salary increase Blackmail, Increments take just 5 mins with no Argument
  • Create world class Key Result Areas (KRA’s) & Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for everyone

– – – –



First Month


Double Your Personal Productivity
  • Never forget any task or information.
  • Eliminate your To-Do list and learn the 5 tools which will manage your tasks.
  • The one super tool to finish all your task on time.
  • Manage all your E-mails, in one hour per day.
  • Eliminating all the coordination and follow ups which eat up 80% of your time.
  • Get your staff to finish delegated tasks without your follow up.
  • Master implementation such that 80% of small Projects/ideas get implemented.
  • Implementation and timely completion where others are involved. Handle all the meetings (Big and small) and ensure they do not suck up your time.
  • How to handle your staff walking into your cabin all day long.
  • Go from not having time to having an abundance of time in life.
  • Lead a stress-free life.
  • How to create time for yourself and family.
  • Create More time in the Day
  • Double Your Personal Productivity.


Next 5 Months


Business Management System
  • Setting up a simple yet powerful, Business management System (BMS) so you can run you Business working one day a week.
  • Creating a clear organizational structure, complete with reporting hierarchy and accountability
Get Complete Financial Control of your company
  • A collection system that ensures 80% of your collection is on time.
  • Create a DEBT FREE Company
  • Create Cash-Reserves for 6 Months (You can work for 6 months without any Revenue)
  • Create a Passive Income / Retirement income for the rest of your life.
  • Get rid of all your Cash Flow Problems, no more Vendors calling for payments.
  • Eliminate corruption in accounts department.
  • Create a foolproof Accounts system for all accounting tasks to get done every time without delay.
  • Cash Flow model to have extra cash in hand.
  • How to manage the cash flow in the company.
  • Set up a system to get all the financial Reports you want every Month. (Gross Profit, Net Profit, Profit after Tax, Cash Flow, Cash in Hand)
  • Get verified accounts data on demand every time.
  • Get all your Taxes Paid and all Govt Compliances done on time.
  • Take total control of the cash flow in the company.
  • Set up a system such that you sign cheques twice a month and your vendors are happier.
Professionalize Human Resource
  • How to hire good talent at the lowest cost, and people would love to work for you.
  • Create an effective and easy to implement HR policy for your company.
  • The 2 tools to train employees in 1 week so that they can take over completely.
  • Create a professional Organisational Structure.
  • The science of eliminating all conflict between Partners.
  • The 4 parameters that will create KRA’s(Key Responsibility Areas) & KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for each employee.
  • Create a magical increment system so that you don’t have to haggle with
  • employees during salary increment.
  • The secret of eliminating conflict and politics in the organization.
  • Why does senior management blackmail you? And how to stop it permanently.
  • The simple tool for your team to start taking decisions instead of running to you for small business.
  • The Magic formula to create Leaders in your company.
  • Employees start coming to office on time.
  • All your employees will start performing without having to chase them.
  • How to Create a happy Culture in your Company
  • Make them work as 1 team forever
  • If anybody leaves – new staff can take over completely in 1 week
  • Recreate your relationship with your team.
  • Align your team with your company goals.
  • Create a new Company culture.
  • Create a world-class training system for each process of your business.
  • How to map all the skill set existing and required in the company.
  • How to set up regular Skill Set upgrading programs.
  • How to create a healthy exist system for all employees, such that they become brand ambassadors for your company even after leaving.
Inventory Management
  • Create a system to manage your entire Supply Chain
  • Make sure your Raw Material never finishes
  • Reduce your Inventory by 30%-50%
  • Create a system to avoid dead stock or merchandise. ( In retail and all other Businesses )
Quality Management
  • Understand the real Science behind Quality Management
  • Create a fool proof Quality management System in your business
  • Create your Quality benchmark for all the services you provide.
  • How to ensure that quality issues don’t keep coming to you.
Manage your vendors/Service Vendors
  • Understand why vendors deliver late and make them deliver on time, without follow up.
  • Control vendor quality the way multinationals do.
  • Create a vendor management system that ensures they see you as a great pay master even if you don’t pay them each time.
  • How to regularly create New Vendors.
  • Have extra vendors waiting to serve you- no more vendor blackmail.
  • Get 60% of your current vendors to reduce their pricing.
Customer Service
  • Create benchmark time for all clients related issues.
  • Create a system for all client issues to get attended.
  • Ensure all client issues get handled within the benchmark time.
  • Eventually, create a world class PROACTIVE SYSTEM for your office to call the client before the problem arises.
  • Clients will nearly stop calling you for their problems; your team will be able to handle all of this.
Maintainance, Admin, Accounts & all repetitive processes e.g. legal, environmental compliances etc.
  • Benchmark all the preventive maintenance schedules.
  • All preventive Maintenance gets done on time- breaks down nearly vanish.
  • Create a training process for all preventive and breakdown maintenance processes.
  • Automate all repetitive tasks like Administrative, Environmental, Legal etc.
  • Automate & manage Office supplies such that they do not finish.


Last 3 Months


Reorganising Sales – The Basic Sales Engine

The conventional hierarchy (Structure of the Sales Team) and way of selling has not changed in the world over the last 100 years, Every industry & process of business has changed but Sales is still done, like we did 100 years ago, no wonder most organisations are stagnating at 20-30% growth every year.

This is the reason that your sales team does not perform, your top sales executives Blackmail You. Sales team does not fill up sales reports, if they fill up the reports, they give wrong reports. And you have to keep running after them to meet their targets, and they still do not achieve Sales Targets.

Mr Jain will work with you to Reorganise the entire structure of the sale organization. Giving you the following Results.

  • Master the real science of sales team management.
  • Get total control over your sales team
  • Get all the correct and verified reports from each sales person.
  • Never be dependent on sales person for achieving the company sales target.
  • Get your sales team to achieve their target.
  • Learn how to handle your top sales performers.
  • Stop all blackmail from your sales team.
  • Understand the real reason of the stagnation of Sales
  • Know that your current sales model will never be able to grow sales
  • Understand why there is Market Recession and ensure that market recession will never impact your Sales.

Double your Profits by Reorganising your Sales Team & create a new Sales Engine

Sales Funnel- the fastest tool to double your profits this year
  • Understand the science of sales funnel.
  • Create your ideal Sales Funnel
  • Capture each lead, ensure that no lead gets lost.
  • Increase the number of leads by 30%
  • Create a structure for tracking each lead – create your CRM system.
  • Never let a lead drop. Ensure each lead is completely followed up.
  • Double your Conversion Ratio
  • Understand why your current sales Pitch does not work.
  • Learn how to create ideal Pitch for the client
  • Create a system to handle all the objections raised by Clients
  • Such that you do not lose sales because of Discounting & Credit.
  • Create a world class Sales Training Program, for your Sales Team.
  • Automate this training system
  • Create new Sales Tools which helps your team to convert clients

All this will Make your sales team to close clients, like you do.

Now you have a scalable sales model where you can keep increasing your sales team, since each one will be Profit center.

You will have an unlimited sales team budget.

Double your Profits using the science of Sales Funnel.

Create the 10 Year Sales plan for your company.

5 Critical Parameters to Multiply Your Profits – 5 For 5

Understand how Sales is a Number Game, most business owners do not know this hidden science, which is why they stagnate.

Find out why you can never grow the number of clients or the turnover of your company and as long as you try to increase the turnover or number of clients you will never succeed.

Doubling your Profits is hidden in the science of Management by Action. Master this science and make Doubling Profits simple.

Today increasing the targets of the sales team is a constant struggle, and if their targets do not grow, the company will also not grow.

Learn & Apply Management by Action and you can easily get the sales team to agree to double their targets.

  • Get a regular supply of fresh leads
  • Stop wasting money to generate leads, Start getting Free & Qualified leads
  • Get the 11 strategies, which can Double your Leads.
  • Create a Video Marketing Campaign for your clients
  • Learn how to create a WhatsApp Marketing Campaign
  • Master the science of converting prospects into clients.
  • Create Value for your clients and learn the best methods of communicating it to him
  • Build Credibility and establish yourself as an expert
  • Map all the Features Advantages & Benefits of your entire Product range
  • Map the competitive advantage you have over your competitors
  • Destroy the competition in the eyes of your clients
  • Get each client to give you more revenue or increase your Wallet Share with each existing client.
  • Ensure each new client buy more products from you.
  • Get new client to buy your highest profit products.
  • Grow the Average Rupee Sales per client by the process of elimination
  • Implementation of the science of Lifetime Value of your client.
  • Find out the Biggest reason for why your clients leave you (and it is not due to discounts & credits)
  • Create an automated system to always stay in touch with each of your past clients Ÿ Create a Top of the Mind Recall of your products & service with each of your client Ÿ Get each past client/prospect to call when he has a requirement
  • Increase the number of times each client buys from you in a year.
  • Instead of giving Discounts create a system to get higher profit margin for each sale you make.
  • Double your Profits without increasing Sales.
  • 80% of the sale of a is usually company from their Least Profitable Products.
  • Clients want to buy only the low Profit Products.
  • Sales is not able to sell high Margin Products.
  • Get your Sales team to only sell high Margin Products.

5 for 5 Strategy- create 25 strategies to Double Profits. Using all the Double your Profits, using the 5 for 5 Strategy.

Marketing Strategy
  • Build the 3 fundamentals of winning Marketing Campaign.
  • Create an unlimited Marketing Budget.
  • Create Marketing & Sales collaterals (Material to pitch to the client)
  • Create your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Identify Your Rocket Clients where you provide maximum value and also get maximum PRICE.
  • Map the Demographics & Psychographics of your Clients
  • The science of Identifying & creating Focus on the Rocket Products
  • Learn how to create a PR campaign for your clients.
  • Create the Sales & Marketing model for your Business
  • Create the marketing strategy for the next 10 years





Founder and CEO of Business Coaching India Rahul is the Founder and CEO of Business Coaching India, and the Pioneer in getting Business Coaching to India.

Over last 19 years he has coached more than 20000 Business Owners, across almost all verticals like Mfg., IT, Dist., Trading, Real Estate, Retail Hospitality, Import & Export, Event.